Ctrl P – A Comedy Thriller Webseries

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“Ctrl-P” is a Comedy Thriller Web Series broken into 50 one-to-three-minute segments, each ending on a cliff hanger to keep the audience hungry for what will come next. The action starts late at night when Sydney, a young woman working for a home security company, hits Ctrl-P to print an email with “explosive content” sent to her from her mysterious underground group. Thinking this email will print to her home computer, Sydney is horrified to find it has been sent to an unknown print group throughout the company. Sydney must enlist the help of her brother-in-law and second in charge of IT, Tony, to help track down and intercept all of the print jobs that have gone out before each employee finds it waiting on their home printer in the morning. The clock is ticking. If they fail, both will surely lose their jobs, but as they visit each employee’s home, secrets are revealed that could cost Sydney her life.

Look for it Summer of 2023!


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Sydney behind the scenes
Setting up the camera
Tower West Security Van